The ” Sharma Centre ” is a community run and funded work centre for intellectually disable men and women.  This centre allows the less fortunate to live and work, earning an income for life given them hope and independence.

With the help of our community, and this centre the men and women of the “Sharma Centre” live relatively normal lives among our community with families and homes of their own. In keeping this centre open, we will  keep the ancient tradition and art  of “Sharma” making alive for many more years to come.

This current centre is only a few years old and many of its rooms have not been completed it is my hope that I can help through this website in some small way.


What is a “SHARMA”?


A Sharma is a Hunzakutz traditional floor rug.  Sharma’s are made from sheep and goats wool that is hand spun by traditional means and then loom woven sometimes taking months to complete.