My name is Naveed Alam, I was born in Hyderabad, Hunza, in 1991.  I have lived on my families’ farm, in a small village, near Aliabad for most of my life.  My family is a typical Hunzakut family, I am the eldest of 5 children all who live at home with our mum and dad.  We share our family compound with my Uncle, Aunty and their 5 children.

In 2008 I moved to Karachi to live with my Uncle and finish my higher school learning, moving back to my village and community in 2015.

I like many of my fellow Hunzukuts speak as many as five languages often more.  Burushaski (central Hunza) is my native tongue but I also speak Domki, Wakhi (upper Hunza), Shina (lower Hunza), Urdu, English and a little Chinese.

My knowledge of Hunza, traditions, foods and culture has been passed down from generation to generation some of which cannot be found in books or on the web.  Much of my Hunza knowledge I credit to my parents and grandparents from stories they have told me as a child, as they would have been told