Chap Shuro, Hunzas answer o the Aussie meat pie.  My favourite snack food.

On the way to Gilgit along the KKH is the township of Guro.  I cannot resist the local Chap Shuro roadside stall.

It is not a trip to Gilgit if you don’t stop for a Guro Chap Shuro…..Delish.


preparation times will vary but it will take approx 30 mins to prepare ingredients and make the dough.

Then depending on whether you use an oven or a pan the cooking times will vary from 30 mins to one hour


2 bowls

floured board, dowel for rolling or rolling pin

pan with lid, frypan or oven.


for dough,

300g  flour

1/2 tsp bayo (salt)

150 ml xil (water)

for the filling,

2 green Marichos (chillies) chopped

2 Shekamisho Ghashuu (spring onions)

1-2 Ghashu (onions)

1  Baloganze (tomato) chopped

3 tbsp Thoon (coriander leaves), choppped

1/2 tsp bayo (salt)

200 g minced chaap (meat)

1/2 tsp hunza masala


Sift the  flour and salt into  to a bowl and make a well in the centre, add the water and mix into a solid dough.

Divide the dough into 4 and roll each piece with the dowel until approx 20 cm round.

In the other bowl mix the filling, finely chopped chilies, fine diced onions, fine cut spring onions (green stem and all), finly cut coriander leaves, meat and salt.  Mix well.

Place one of your dough circles on your board and wet rim.

Spread half the meat mixture in the centre of your dough ring, and spread evenly to within 1 cm of the edge.

Place another dough circle over your meat mixture.  Roll the bottom circles edge over the top circles edge, press firmly down to seal well.

The above is the traditional way I do mine a little different.

I use 1/4 of the mix for each circle, placing on only one side of each circle, folding the other side over the mixture and sealing the edges.  Making 4 pies instead of two.

Bake on medium heat in a pan on both sides for 15 minutes each, until golden brown.

If using an oven cook for about 20 mins on 180  degree until brown.